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Model escort agency Luxury Escort invites girls to mutually beneficial cooperation. Your city doesn't matter.
The selection of girls for the staff of models is carried out exclusively according to strict requirements:
  • age from 18 to 30 years;
  • beautiful and well-groomed appearance (clear facial skin);
  • well-groomed hair;
  • slim figure;
  • decent appearance of clothes (the presence of taste and style);
  • the ability to maintain a conversation on any topic, a broad outlook;
  • complaisant disposition;
  • positive attitude, sense of humor, lightness, friendliness;
  • literacy, tact, knowledge of etiquette and manners;
  • responsibility, communication skills, punctuality;
  • lack of bad habits;
  • Participation in beauty contests
  • Fluency in English
  • Sports achivments
  • Media - participation in TV shows, photo shoots for magazines

All data of our models is strictly anonymous and confidential. Portfolios of models are not published on Internet resources. All data is contained in a closed database.

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